Broaden Your Technology Education at Drexel College or university

Technology is central to the function we perform at Drexel. From specialised degrees in software executive and video game design for the use of immersive environments and advanced learning technologies, our applications offer you the skill sets and proficiency for position of your choice.

The faculty happen to be leaders inside their fields and get received countrywide recognition for their explore in areas including biomedical imaging, agriscience, sustainable architectural and computer science. They may be active college students, researchers and practitioners inside their field, and bring that knowledge into the classroom through online lessons and hands-on jobs.

During your time at LeBow, you’ll get opportunities to enlarge your education beyond the traditional boundaries of the major through student-run organizations and community involvement. You are able to connect with a shared interest in your way of life or heritage or participate in actions that support women in tech and also other underrepresented communities. And you’ll have access to a network of alumni and industry thought leaders to aid guide your job path.

You can gain hands-on knowledge before graduating through our co-op program in which you varied six months of classroom learning with 6 months of specialist employment with University-approved employers. Or else you can follow an internship, a case competition or a research project supported by each of our Dana and David Dornsife Office to get Experiential Learning. You can even be a part of a global residency or work with actual client tasks through our Center just for Innovation Control and the Drexel Solutions Company.

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